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Our network of bilingual executive experts, Japan’s largest, is your passport to sustainable success in the Japanese market.

Founded in 2013 to assist Japanese enterprises looking to go abroad, Cyest (pronounced cy- as in cycle, -est as in best) rapidly became the professional knowledge-sharing platform for international businesses of all sizes attempting to access the buying power of the world’s third largest economy. 


Bridge To Success

As your bridge to the Japanese market, we lead you directly to the people who matter.

Know The Market

You need to know the industry veterans who can help position your product or service, assess the competition, introduce you to decision makers, and gauge your chances of success. You also need to understand market characteristics and the perspectives of key players. Cyest’s people-to-people approach has proven effective in delivering this knowledge in multiple markets around the world.



The Right Way

With patience, perseverance, and the right knowledge and guidance, there is a niche in the Japanese market for you.

Cyest can connect you to the people that matter in your business, and help you forge the relationships critical to sustainable success in Japan.

The Cyest way removes the hurdles to sustained business success by connecting you with the right expert advisor for your business.

Know The People

Our experts work in your industry.

  • Automotive – Manufacturing – Electronics
  • Energy – Chemicals – Materials 
  • Information Technology
  • Food – Agriculture
  • Financial Services
  • FMCG – Retail 
  • Logistics – SCM
  • Hospitality – Services 
  • Entertainment – Mass Media 
  • Real Estate – Construction 
  • Medical – Pharmaceuticals – Healthcare
  • Education – Public services 

Where our experts come from

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Our flexible, customized approach adapts to the unique needs of your organization.