Case Studies

Read about how we have assisted businesses like yours in penetrating the Japanese market, and how we have positioned them for sustained success.

Case Study: Discovering the science behind Japanese logistics

Traditionally a country with scare natural and agricultural resources and with a consumer population of ever-increasing demand on life quality in modern days, Japan has inevitably come to develop leading-edge technologies that enable fresh and safe deliveries as well as improve the shelf life of agricultural produce like fruits and vegetables.

Case Study: Maximizing the International Business Development team’s participation in Japan trade fairs.

International exhibitions and conferences can offer great opportunities for your International Business Development team to get exposed to prospective overseas customers: how the local customers talk, behave and what they like. Understanding Japanese clients at these events is usually on the harder side. Most companies find it arduous to receive constructive and honest feedback and to continue engaging potential Japanese customers/partners after coming back from Japan.

Case Study: Killing two birds with one stone

Long before the most recent meltdown of two nuclear plants following the Great East Japan earthquake, Japan has been struggling to find sustainable sources for its huge energy consumption. Pressure from the local general public to lower dependency on nuclear power has urged both the state and private sectors to look for renewable energy alternatives.

Case Study: Paving the way for rare California family wines to Japan

Every year, Japan hosts three of the largest trade shows in Asia for world’s beverage producers: FOODEX, FABEX and Drink JAPAN. For FOODEX Japan 2019, in four days, over 75,000 visitors from Japan alone came to the show to sample and appreciate traditional and new tastes and flavors from all over the world. This illustrates how savvy and demanding Japanese consumers are, as they are frequently introduced to world class choices, including those of wines, for their palates.

Case Study: Thinking Outside the Box

A technology startup bringing innovations with IoT including solutions such as so-called Smart Delivery, Smart Parking and Smart Lock. The client was looking to receive loans to kick-start its marketing efforts.